Shakespeare Links


The theater company in which I perform. Since 2005, SITV has performed five to seven plays at various venues in Temecula, CA. They are best known for outdoor productions at one of the area’s 40 wineries. The company strives to present work of the highest quality, offering company members, audiences and students the richest possible learning experiences. The company also runs a high school monologue competition every April and sponsors actor-educators throughout the year to teach Shakespeare in local schools. SITV’s current home for its four summer season plays (three of which are Shakespearean) is Baily Vineyard and Winery.


A blog by a self-avowed geek “dedicated to proving that Shakespeare makes life better.” He’s been doing this for eight years and has a wealth of wisdom and insights, and some cool resources, too.


A website for anybody with a passion for Shakespeare, on stage, on screen, on the road, and in the home. A conduit for exploring how the Bard still matters in the 21st century. An advocate for dramatic arts and the prosperity of theater companies, playhouses, and education programs throughout the world. The site’s creator lives in the Mid-Atlantic region, so his reviews aren’t as relevant for West Coast types such as myself. But there are so many other great resources here, it’s worth checking out.

Open Source Shakespeare

This is the best online reference source for access Shakespeare’s complete works. I find it easier to navigate and more useful than MIT’s similar site. It is intended for scholars, thespians, and Shakespeare lovers of every kind. As its creators note, OSS was built with four attributes in mind: Power, Flexibility, Friendliness, and Openness. One can use the advanced search function, read the plays, or look up words in the concordance. From 2006 to 2016, OSS hosted over 10 million unique visitors, who logged over 46 million page views.

Folger Shakespeare Library

An internationally recognized research library and one of the world’s leading promoters of Shakespeare studies, Folger is on the forefront in the preservation of rare materials, and major new digital initiatives in digital humanities research. The Folger is a national leader in how Shakespeare is taught in the U.S. They produce publications and resources—in print and online—to support academics, teachers, students, and lifelong learners interested in Shakespeare’s plays and the world that shaped them, including the Folger Editions, which are the number one Shakespeare text used in American classrooms today. Publications include the Shakespeare Quarterly (the premiere journal for Shakespeare scholarship), as well as Folger Magazine.

The Old Globe Theater (San Diego, CA)

The Old Globe remains among the top theaters on the west coast for Shakespeare. It is a professional theatre company located in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. It produces about 15 plays and musicals annually in summer and winter seasons. Plays are performed in three separate theatres in the complex, which is collectively called the Simon Edison Centre for the Performing Arts: Old Globe Theatre – 600-seat flagship theatre, fully enclosed, featuring the Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage; Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre – 250-seat intimate theatre in the round (completed 2009); Lowell Davies Festival Theatre – 615-seat outdoor theatre


This is a useful site with collected links from all over the World Wide Web to help you find information on William Shakespeare. The site’s purpose is to provide links to aid in online Shakespeare research. Like similar sites, SRC began as a Master’s project, in this case by J. M. Pressley who has maintained the site since its inception in 1997.


SHAKEPER is an edited and moderated, international, e-mail distribution list for discussion among Shakespearean scholars, researchers, instructors, students, and anyone sharing their academic interests and concerns. In addition to regular mailings to members, anyone can use the Internet to access the archive and other materials from the web site. The list includes 1,100 members who have joined from sixty-seven countries.


A forum for the artistic, managerial, and educational leadership of theaters primarily presenting Shakespeare’s works to discuss issues and methods of work, share resources and information, and advocate for Shakespearean productions and training.