Note about ZIA from a Happy Reader in Virginia

I received this kind email from a mother of two in Charlottesville, Virginia, about The Zoo of Impossible Animals:

Hi, Rob:
My kids loved your book. I just ordered six more copies to give as gifts and to donate to our library. I was hoping you could write a message in 2 of those: 1 for each of my kids. I’d like to give them both a copy they can keep and take with them as they grow up to read to their kids, like we did with their other favorite books,such as the BFG. They can’t wait for the second book! Thanks so much for considering and congratulations. — Erin

Thank you, Erin!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of the ZIA–or if you’d like to buy one for your local library–don’t be shy. Order your book on Amazon or at

Thanks as always for your support.


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